When you are on KETO, plucking few fresh squashes and herbs from your garden is so satisfying. “Ain’t nothin’ in the world that I like better, Than TRUE LOVE & home grown veggies
Up in the mornin’ out in the garden; Get you a ripe one” –Guy Clark

Here is the recipe:


1 Summer Squash/bottle gourd
1 teaspoon coconut oil/spray oil
Lemon zest- (of 1 lemon) and lemon juice
Black pepper to taste- Add seasonings as per your taste buds
Salt to taste
Cheese slices

For garnish
Fresh Basil leaves
Cherry Tomatoes
Salad leaves or lettuce


1. Slit the squash in rounded circles.
2. Take a large mixing bowl or a ziploc bag, and place the slices of squash inside that.
3.Pour in some coconut oil and lemon juice.
4.Add lemon zest.
5.squeeze in the some more lemon juice with in your macros.
6. Now add Salt and pepper.
7. With hands coat nicely in bowl, alternatively if you are using ziploc bag seal the bag and smash a bit so that it gets marinated.
8. Marinate for 20 minutes and put in refrigerator; if you dont have time you can cook directly.
9.Switch on gas and heat a pan, cook or grill until you see ridges turning brown.
10. Take the squash off the grill as they get done.
11.Arrange in a serving plate. Take two slice of baked squash, stuff with a slice of cheese, fresh basil leaves, tomatoes (NON_KETO), lettuce. Warm again if you like melted cheese else you can have straightway.

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