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About Me

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Hello beautiful souls,

I am Samta, formally a software professional (Masters in Computer Applications) and Bachelor of Science ( Medical Stream)With 12 years’ experience in IT, mom of two lovely kids, closely bonded to the whole family, a philanthropist, and a food and fitness lover, I was born and brought up in a city close to the Himalayas (Northern India), and then moved to USA (New Jersey)where I have been living since the past 11 years.

I have a passion for happy, healthy, contented life and a vision to make healthy eating and simple living, a way of life.

My Vision

Being fit not only means being physically healthy but being fit emotionally and mentally healthy, as well.
To reach out to each and every individual soul and make a difference in their lives by encouraging and guiding them as well as educating them about quantified nutrition and how balanced ratio of macros and nutrients (protein, carb, and fats) can help us to heal and live life king-size.

Emotional meltdown due to my physical condition followed by the Turning Point in my life

I had a severe life-threatening egg and other food allergies. Cross-contamination, even touching bakery products, inhaling something like bread, fruits that have been placed near eggs, all would lead me to the emergency room and near-death experience.
My doctor warned me that if that happened again, they would not be able to save me. I was being careful about everything but the side effects were worse. I couldn’t lift up my kids and it was tough to breastfeed my newly born daughter. But then God guided me not to get disheartened. I was determined that I would not give up. I spent almost five hours a day on the internet, studying how allergies could be cured. I was not going to give up. I was determined to change my life and anyone else who was suffering like me.

Then the change came:

Enrolled in Fitness and Nutrition Program, Certifications.

I educated myself first and then started with my own health and fitness and then started helping people around me. I am proud to state that I have so far helped 700 people transform their lifestyle and will be continuing to do this.

Please reach out to me in case you are looking to transform your life and body through dedication and determination.

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