The toughest part of being a fitness professional is – The first question that is being asked:
“I just have fat on my stomach and cheeks and the rest of my body looks good.”
And for the millionth time- Having to inform people over and over that spot reduction is a myth is quite taxing.
Well, “Melt that fat from your belly” or “tone up your abs” is a common advertising gimmick.
We start doing 100 crunches for the belly fat, facial exercise for the double chin and face fat and so on. We end up just focusing on areas that have extra fat as we start to believe that doing specific exercises will reduce the fat over specific areas of the body.
But the truth is, targeting our “trouble areas” for fat loss is something that just doesn’t work.
Here is an analogy:
Asking your body to lose fat in one area is like trying to remove a bucket of water from one corner of a filled swimming pool. The overall water level will go down, but there won’t be a divot in one corner or center of the pool.
Fat loss has to happen across your entire body until you eventually see results in specific areas.
Targeting small muscle groups will lead to relatively insignificant results when it comes to overall fitness. No matter how much we exhaust our muscles or “feel the burn” in a specific area, our body does not take into consideration where we would like the fat to be drawn from when it is being burned for energy.
The Bottom Line: If you want to lose the fat from one area of your body, you have to focus on losing fat from the rest of your body as well.
Therefore, focus on the following:
· Be on a quantified and caloric deficit diet
· Consume a well-balanced diet with ample protein, carb, fats
· Lift weights and get stronger so you retain a greater proportion of muscle as you lose weight
· Consistency and monomaniacal focus
· Patience.

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