How Much Sugar Is in RTB Kombucha?
Being a Nutritionist, I always encourage my clients to quantify whatever they eat. No food is good or bad.
The main goal for starting this RTB Kombucha is to encourage people to take care of their gut health seriously. This is a perfect soda-replacement and great way to satisfy your craving for a fizzy drink while slashing your added-sugar intake & potential health benefits- of Probiotics.The Goal here at RTB is to make sure the Kombucha is low in sugar, kids and adults friendly.Good news is – Kombucha needs sugar…But that the sugar in Kombucha is for the yeast and Bacteria culture to consume, not for YOU and ME. When fermentation is done, the sugar levels are reduced for sure.Here is the comparison of other beverages:Amount of sugar in 240 ml (1 cup) of:

Cow’s milk: 14g
Coconut water: 8.8 g
Apple Juice- 24 gm
Orange Juice- 25.8
Soda: 27g+.

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