Rhododendron flower Chutney or buraah ke phool relish


Down to memory lane of my Home Town- Sujanpur Tihra -Himachal Pradesh)
Being brought up in Himachal Pradesh, India- I have so many fond memories of every tree, every plants and every herb that grows out there. The great Himalayas are the habitat of many wonders and secrets that they hide in their laps. Some explored, some yet to be. Come discover the flower we used to get really excited about in our childhood. The blooming of these reddish maroon lights juicy flowers with white stamen.These flowers are the best feature of spring. And yes, they taste great. Back home as kids we used to collect flowers and my amma (grandma) used  to make chutney in her own Sil Batta  in local language(Mortal and pestle). It is said to cure headaches and stomach ailments. Recent research shows that the flower is also a great anti-diabetic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial.

  • A good bunch of Rhododendron flowers or buraah ke phool
  • 3-4 raw green chilies
  • Handful of fresh mint leaves
  • Handful of fresh coriander or cilantro
  • ½ cup chopped onion (optional)
  • Half a teaspoon of salt
  • Juice of freshly squeezed lemon
  • A tablespoon of water
  • Sweetener (optional)
  1. Wash the flower and rest of the ingredients nicely.
  2. Blend  buraah flowers, fresh cilantro, and fresh mint.
  3. Add chopped onions, chilies and blend to achieve desired consistency of sauce.
  4. Remove to a serving bowl and add salt, lemon juice and sweetener of your choice.Mix well.

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