Momsicles- Panacea for Baby Teething Pain


“A teething baby is so much fun. Said no one ever.”- Anonymous

Having restless  days  and nights with baby teething issues – crankiness, crying, irritated?

Little babies may develop their first teeth with no problems at all, but it could be a long and painful process. They need lots of cuddles! All parents wish they could take the pain away, and for this, they can seriously do anything!
Don’t worry, here comes a wonderful healthy home remedy- “Momsicles -Breastmilk Popsicles”. They are easy to make, and most babies love them. You can use the breast milk or even baby formula for making these mom-popsicles. Trust me, it soothes a lot and also a healthy option. Here is the link on pumping and storage of breast milk:

Breast milk storage: Do’s and don’ts

Following are the way I use for making these momsicles:

  1. Mesh teether: This teether is used for cold fruits when baby starts solids  it helps in making gums stronger. It is good for teething too. This is a good alternative, if you don’t have a tiny little mold. You can fill an ice-cube tray with breastmilk or formula and freeze. When the breastmilk is set, remove it from the tray and pop it in a mesh teether.  Following is the link for the mesh teether, I use for my little princess and she loves chewing on it just as much as they love eating whatever I put inside.
    Mesh Teether
  2. Cute popsicles:  I pour the breastmilk and make these cute Popsicles. The molds I use Popsicle molds
  3. Milk cubes: Freeze the milk in the freezing bags. I used the medela bags. Freeze and break in small chunks, put in the feeding bowls in and child can play. Its little messy but worth it.

Milk freezing Bags

4.   Coconut Oil: I also do massaging of gums using few drops of organic coconut oil. It also soothes the gums and pain.

Note: You can also use formula or fresh fruits and freeze them. There are many other remedies too. This is great for keeping your baby entertained for a while. We can share more as we experience and proceed further with teething. Hope this helps!!!

Happy Teething!

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