Kids and parents’ Gadgets Detox – Let’s try a gadget diet program
“Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded.”
— Jess Lair, author
I remember my childhood when we use to play outside and grandma use to keep calling us- “Bacho ghar aa jao raat hone wali ha “kids come inside home as it is getting darker outside” Now the time has changed- we now say please keep down these gadgets and go out to play. Give your eyes some fresh air. I am sure many of us fall under this so called Gadget trap. Are we also using Gadgets to baby sit our kids? Our kids have forgotten to play outdoor, to socialize with friends, and greet everyone. They are so used to being entertained. Let them help to explore this beautiful world.Soon a time will come when kids will say – I need apps to play outside! It has become a common scene to see children as well as elders being busy and pass the time by staying indoors and using gadgets.  Let’s find out ways and tips to help kids and we too in spending less time with gadgets, explore outdoor adventures.Few of the techniques we use:

  1. As parents we have to make sure when we are with kids we will not use phone/gadgets. Time for me –me and you- me time with kids.
  2. We have created a plan for everyday. They are supposed to finish that, such as cleaning their own plate, setting up dinning table, playing board games if its cold outside, reading a story and sharing its moral and so on. Basically there are 10 points and when all the points are checked positively, they are rewarded a $1 or any of their favorite activity during weekend. This gives them encouragement and focus to accomplish and keeps them engaged.
  3. We share our childhood stories, the funny times or games we played.
  4. Sit together and share what’s the best thing happened in the day and we are thankful for.
  5. Rationing time on gadgets, our kids use gadgets only on weekends not more than 30 minutes. It may be helpful to remember that when firm limits are in place and enforced, there will be fun part involved and not taking the mighty gadgets for granted.
  6. We try not take cell phones to bedroom.
  7. It’s a good practice not to enter home from work or outside using cell phone. Greet the family with hugs and smiles. We have to preach what we practice YOU SEE!!!
  8. Sitting together outside in nature and read, if this is not possible at least sit together and read. This  creates togetherness and it helps push our child’s mental development forward.
  9. In summers, we may  help them do a lemonade stand or any outdoor picnic with their friends.
  10. We keep away our cell phones during meals, while talking with kids, during family time.
  11. Teach them the value and  importance of meeting people, seeking blessings from elders, learn to have uninterrupted conversations with face to face with people. Make sure kids sit in living room when relatives and friends come to visit.
  12. Never serve food to  our kids bribing them with gadgets. Sometimes we put on cartoon movie that a child may eat better but I feel this is a temporary solution and a bad addiction.
  13. For elders: I feel virtual text conversations are less important than the real life person in front of us. I think is the rudest thing on earth. Never use cell phone when kids are narrating their stories or anything they feel worth telling.
  14. Not taking cell phone to restroom. Using our phone in the bathroom can spread serious illnesses, it has more germs than toilet seat.
  15. Telling them that there is increased risk of eye sight, sleep disorder.
  16. Keep work and family life separate, and don’t let workplace stress influence into family time.
  17. Go out for a walk with kids or bike ride.
  18. Teaching them values of relationships as nowadays we make a distance between our real friends, family, and relatives and create our own virtual world with virtual friends from “Facebook”, “Whatspp or “Skype”.

Let us hope this helps all of us to build good habits better relationship and harmony in  ourselves and kids.

Will keep adding more…

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