Hearty, Seedy, Crunchy, Chewy-Oats and Nuts no added sugar -Energy balls

Hearty, seedy, crunchy, chewy-Oats and nuts sugar free energy balls
I am allergic to honey and never ever tasted any kind of cereal bar. Thought of avoiding the pre-packed so called health food and rolling out my own favorite ingredients power packed cereals and nuts.

  • Old fashioned Oats – 1 cup
  • Dried dates and figs -5-6 each
  • Flax seeds- 2 tea spoons
  • Chia seeds- 2 tea spoons
  • Almonds -10
  • Cranberries/raisins -10-20 (optional)
  • Walnuts/Pecans – 5
  • Cardamom/cinnamon/nutmeg powder – a pinch (optional)
Heat a pan
  1. Dry roast Oats until it is hot to touch. Let it cool down.
  2. Dry roast all the other ingredients (flax seeds, chia seeds, almonds, pecans). You may grind it in to coarse texture. I like the nutty texture so left like that.
  3. Soak dates and figs in enough water. The water should be enough to soak and should not overflow.
  4. Make a paste of the dates and fig mixture.
  5. Put all the roasted ingredients in a big bowl.
  6. Add a pinch of any of these Cardamom/cinnamon/nutmeg powder
  7. Add the paste and knead in to a dough like consistency.
  8. Mix well and make balls.
  9. Serve in air tight containers.

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