Garlic Odors

Tips n Tricks- Garlic Odors!!!!

Summer time – Salad time. As I am allergic to eggs and honey and all the ready-made dressings contains mayo, eggs, and honey. So I make my own dressings. For that that I use and crush loads of garlic.

Most of us love cooking with garlic, as it does a lot of good in dressings by helping build flavor — but its strong odor lingers for hours, especially on our hands. We’ve all been in the situation where after preparing a wonderful meal, we’re left with the stench of garlic on our fingers!

There is a tried and tested trick that I use and work wonderful.

Stainless steel, of all things, has been shown to remove the odor of garlic. Kitchen gadget companies have even created stainless steel bars shaped like soap for removing kitchen smells from your hands. But using any stainless steel surface works, too. I tried stainless steel kitchen faucet — just hold your hands under cold running water while rubbing the stainless steel for 10 seconds.

WOW, the smell is gone.

Many stores are selling these steel bars for odor removal. Here is a link from amazon.

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