Fresh Yogurt Culture at Home- From Scratch

Are you running out of the  yogurt culture and not able to set a fresh yogurt. I too ran out with culture and somehow didn’t like the taste of the market bought one. It has some kind of sticky and gluey taste. Searched on the web, asked elderly friends and this is what I experimented and came out with awesome results. All you need is patience and the outcome is naturally sweet, set yogurt.
Here is the recipe and methods:
  • Whole Milk
  • Dried red chilies with stalk
  • Green chilies with stalk
  • 2 small bowls
1. Boil whole milk and let it come to room temperature. It should be little warmer than luke
2. Take 2 small bowls and pour the milk in them separately.
Insert 2 green chilies with the stalk in the milk in bowl 1. Make sure the stalks and chilies should submerge in the milk.
Insert 2 red dried chilies with the stalk  in bowl 2 of the milk. Make sure to immerse the chilies with stalks in the milk.
3. Cover both the bowls with a lid and place in a warm corner for 10-12 hours. I did this overnight. Though it was snowing here but I kept it near the heat vents.
6. Uncover the lids, bravo beautiful fresh culture is ready.I tasted it  tastes good but I used this culture to set a yogurt for 1 liter milk.Lesson learntFirst time it didn’t set well as the milk I used was not at a good temperature. Second time I used little warmer milkSetting yogurt with this fresh culture

1.Take boiled milk little warmer than lukewarm. I used approximately little more than 1 liter.
2. Take another container with a lid in which you want to set the yogurt..
3. Stir in 2 tablespoon of culture and keep mixing and stirring. I keep transferring and mixing  from saucepan to container till a froth starts forming.
4. Put the lid on.
5. I have kept a small blanket for wrapping the yogurt. Wrap the container with blanket, and keep in some warm corner.
6. Mine sets in 5-6 hours.
7. Keep in the refrigerator at least for an hour so that it sets little firm before serving.

100 grams serving of Yogurt macros:

Calories 61
Fat 3.25g
Carbs 4.66g
Protein 3.47g

Hope it helps.

Scientific reason: The calyx of fruits (such as chilli) are often rich in various lactobacilli. These natural bacteria create a starter for lacto-fermentation of the milk.

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