Cure for Dandruff- Apple Cider Vinegar shower


Being brought up in Himachal Pradesh, Apple is always very close to my heart. My grandma used to give us any remedy using apples, apple cider vinegar, dried apple, apple cinnamon, and apple juice. I remember, I had very bad dandruff in school days. She would treat us with ACV. I wasn’t even sure what is  Apple cider that time and how popular it will become one day in every country. I use it very often and helps me in loads of ways. ACV is not only good dandruff remedy but great for hair care, skin care. It also help balance the pH of our hair.

Here are 3 tried and tested recipe for dandruff and wonderful hair:

I apply all these on clean and washed hair.

Recipe: 1

ACV-Quantity as per hair

  1. Take apple cider vinegar based on thickness of hair in a small plastic or glass bowl.
  2. Apply with cotton ball the way you oil you hair.
  3. Cover the entire scalp with this ACV.
  4. Gently massage your scalp with fingertips for few minutes.
  5. Wrap your hair and head with a warm towel. In hurry, you can skip this covering process but it open up the pores on the scalp.
  6. Leave it for 1 hour and then rinse your hair with warm water.
  7. Follow this method, at least two times a week for 1 month. Mine gets off in 2 weeks

Recipe: 2

  • Yogurt
  • ACV
  1. Take equal quantity of yogurt (as per hair) in a small bowl and add the same amount of ACV to it and mix properly.
  2. Apply the yogurt and ACV mix to your scalp.
  3. Massage your scalp with fingertips thoroughly.
  4. Leave for minimum of 15 minutes and rinse your scalp and hair with cool water.
  5. Repeat this process once in a week

Recipe: 3 ( I generally use this after bad hair day in GYM)

  • ACV
  • Baking Soda( 1 tablespoon)
  1. Mix baking soda with apple cider vinegar to a paste. As per length of your hair.
  2. Apply the mixture on scalp and massage gently to scrub away dandruff.
  3. Rinse hair with luke warm water. Don’t use very hot water.
  4. Follow the process twice a week to minimize dandruff.
  5. I use this option often as – I have a very oily scalp, and after workout hair becomes too oily. Bicarbonate is a known for  removing impurities without causing irritation.

I wash my comb and hair brush with ACV and Baking soda too. It also helps in hair hygiene.

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