“Let food be thy medicine…”

Hb A1C Levels

8.3 to 6.3


226 to 158

Doctor said NO MORE

Fenofibrate and Metformin

Will be reduced soon


196 lbs to 170 lbs

As shared verbatim by Tarun Gupta

Life has a restart button..

In 2015 i was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and since then have been taking medication regularly but the dosage and sugar levels kept increasing with time. I followed everything that is known to us as don’t for a diabetic person i.e. no rice , no potatoes etc. .

Last December my A1C ( 3 months average sugar level) reached 8.3 and doctor suggested to further increase the dosage and medication.

That is when i spoke to Samta ( my sister) about my situation as i knew she is endocrinologist certified nutritionist and has been actively helping people like me get over their health issues and start a healthy lifestyle.

The journey started and today after 12 weeks, my A1C (blood sugar level) reduced from 8.3 to 6.3( i.e. from type 2 diabetes to pre-diabetic), Triglycerides reduced from 226 to 158 and my weight reduced from 196 lbs to 170 lbs.

Doctor has asked me to stop my triglyceride medicine and will review the results again after 3 months to see if we can reduce the dosage of diabetes medicine.

I want to thank my sister, my mentor Samta to guide and encourage me for living a healthy life without leaving anything.

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