Client Transformation- A journey from 2018-2021 and it a lifestyle now ….

So proud of you Dr.Saubia Khan for your consistency and never giving up attitude. That’s the Best Birthday and Ramadan gift you gave to yourself

Wishing a blessed Ramadan and happy birthday that will inspire you with courage and strength that will help you to win every challenge of life!

You have really shown- what happens when we don’t give up. The hardest part is staying consistent long enough to see results. Day after day you are getting on the scale and it’s not moving. It might even be moving UPWARD a little bit.

And because you know you are doing everything right and the scale isn’t moving you get frustrated.

When the scale doesn’t move. Don’t give up- This means you are losing body fat %while gaining muscles…only if you eat quantified and do resistance training.

Time to understand that scale does not account for everything and the numbers do not show the bigger picture of fitness and health. Focus on YOUR happiness, your energy levels, and the things you love. THEN begin making the health changes you need such as a quantified nutrition and strength training as important part of the exercise routine. The weight will come off if you follow this approach, because the weight-loss is just a side effect of true health and happiness. If you think you’re sabotaging your weight loss with the scales and would like some support,

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