Proud of you Sabuhi Moulavi!!!

I had been trying to loose my weight since last 6years but failed to do so every time. I had started facing many health issues frequently which needed serious attention. But these last three months have been a life changing experience, which started with me getting introduced to Samta by one of my good friends Ira Awasthi. During these three months I lost about 8 kgs altogether.
Samta not only guided me throughout but she walked each step with me motivating me, praising me or at times scolding me whenever required. She modified my diet as per my Indian eating habits letting me have even rice which other nutritionists do not allow. Now I feel more confident with my body. She made me realize my true potential helping me overcoming my limitations and giving me a new way of life in terms of fitness and nutrition that is actually required by the body. I want to thank samta from the bottom of my heart for giving me a fresh breath of life.

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