Hello Everyone

My name is Ritika Thakur

Everyone having their own fitness journey and here is mine .. today we live in a world where we value the things more than people , work more than family , food more than health, and status more than life and in this absurd attitude we ruined our health… A healthy and fit person is the one who can function physically as well as mentally. Proper fitness depend upon physical environment and quality and qauntity of food we intake. Being fit is not about looking slim , losing continuously weight, but its about ur physical and mental strength. And for this its very important for us to eat qaulity3 and proper qauntity of food. Once you started balanced diet , proper workout routine it become necessity of ur lyf and ur body craving for it which may motivation u towards a healthy life . And for my fitness journey i really wanna thanks Samta Mompreneur .thankyu for motivating ne towards healthy life….

Remember fitness is the key.. to be continued….for lyflong

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