Thank You Samta for helping me through this journey. Though its mid-way transformation but I feel confident, healthy and pain free. Samta not only guided me what to cook, how to plan my meals but encouraged me to be confident and positive throughout this journey. She charted out my plans as per my needs.

I learnt its not just the measuring scale that matters but how strong you feel mentally and physically feel. Being a vegetarian and staying in remote place where I didn’t have access to many things she gave me so many other options. I Thank You Samta for guiding me and spreading awareness in the world. God bless you.
Starting weight 67 kg (Jan 2019)
Now 58 kg (March 31 2019)
Before After
Neck 14 13
Chest 37 32
Waist 35 30
Hips 41 34
Following my dreams is one of the secrets of living a happy life. This is a life path that I never regret choosing. However, I see that many people are not happy today, even though they claim that they have picked the career they are in all by themselves. This is where we get to the point of asking this crucial question: are our dreams really our dreams? On the other hand, do you just think they are but in reality, you are living the dreams of your friends or family? No offense pls
The first and most obvious reason to follow our dreams are because you will be happier this way. Doing what we love and loving what we do is the secret for career success. Do not give up your dreams and do not replace them with what people around you claim to be a better version of your aspirations and passions.
Happiness is a choice!” Happiness doesn’t come from the sunshine or any other external factor. Happiness is nothing more than a decision we make. Happiness is deciding to focus on the positive things instead of the negative. Happiness is deciding to keep difficult external circumstances in perspective.

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