Being overweight does not just bring criticism from everyone around but also shatters an individual’s confidence. This 27 year old Oshin felt conscious, low and anxious even while stepping out of her house because of her weight and other health issues like PCOD, Thyroid and many more.

The decision to change her lifestyle was not easy, but with one step at a time, she did it. Battling PCOS and thyroid made her journey even difficult. But she learned to look at obstacles as opportunities and lost a massive 25 kilos in the last 2years. Here’s her inspiring journey.

As shared by her/ verbatim

When I was in 6th standard I got my chums for the first time. Then I had to wait for 1.5 years to get my periods.

I was not very overweight but still on the heavier side. Then again for 7 months my periods got delayed. My weight reached from 55 kg to 80 kg. In 8th standard I consulted doctor and She gave me a weird looks as if I was a young girl or a 40 years old woman.

They checked me for everything and discovered I had serious Thyroid issues and cysts in my ovary

They also put me on Birth control pills and other heavy medications.

I had to take this pill to normalize my periods but I had severe side effects:

My mood swings, anxiety, low self esteem got verse.

This vicious cycle kept repeating and my health started to deteriorate I moved to hostel and had no control on food, as I felt emotionally weak and used to binge eat on chocolates and all sugar and salt loaded junk foods

My weight kept piling up

in 6 years… i spent so much money on medication, crash diets and what not

This went on till


2019, Samta came as a ray of hope in my life. I got her reference from my cousin and she asked just approach her and seek guidance.

From that day there is no looking back. She not only motivates you to eat well and exercise but changes your mindset. Her approach is amazing, she is full of positivity and enthusiasm. She teaches the science behind everything.

I never felt that I am deprived of any food. I joined a gym which I never did, started lifting weights that made a great impact on my health.

She is always approachable; I never felt any issues because of different time zones.She follows up regularly and makes sure you are on track.

She is more of a big sister to me who gives me ray of hope to do well in life

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