Modhu Sen,

our client from Texas, lost 13.8 lbs, gained some lean muscle mass, lost 22.5 inches overall, feel stronger, more toned, and more importantly BACKACHE FREE.

As shared verbatim
I have been struggling with weight for over 12 years after having my first child. I did not even know when it crept up on me, and the last 6 years being the worst. I ate out all the time, barely exercised, had a very hectic lifestyle with my husband and I living in different cities and raising two young kids to meet our career aspirations. One day I woke up with consistent backache that made me rethink my lifestyle choices, that I need to do something different. I was close to 70 kgs which is shocking for me, considering I was never over weight growing up. I know I needed help but did not have any clue where to start. I did intermittent fasting, low carbs, starving and every fad diet imaginable but one consistent thing is they all failed. My husband has been asking me for years to do strength training but I hated machines in every form. My sister in law referred Samta to me, she has very significant results. Samta changed my outlook, even though I never binge ate but the fat content in my meals was very high. We ate very restaurant style meals, I had completely forgotten how to eat basic daal, rice a part of a typical Indian diet. The other thing she inspired me to do is strength training at home with basic dumbbells. The fact that I can even workout at 11:00 pm at night without stepping out of the house, has changed my life. I follow has fit videos and fit in 5 days workout without fail. I know it is a journey and with baby steps and it is not a crash diet. I also understand each individual body is different when some people see fast results mine was a very slow progress, but still well worth it. I feel stronger, more toned, and more importantly backache free. I want to get more fit, and want to make sure I keep working hard, definitely get more lean and never never again do I ever want to fall off the wagon!

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