You’re the creator
Find freedom on this canvas
Believe, that you can do it,
‘Cuz you can do it.
You can do it.

This is your world
So Proud of you
Kusha Sehgal
nation and understanding for fitness has totally changed in the last few months, thanks to Samta di (as I fondly call her). While exercising played an important role in my life and I kept switching from swimming to running to crossfit but I just took it as a compensation to eat anything. Well, that was the worst thing I was doing and that’s why I wasn’t seeing any results for my efforts.
Having known Samta di and seeing the success stories of folks under her guidance brought me to seek her help. I remember my 1st call to her saying that I need help and I will have to go on a diet as I desperately want to lose weight and want to somehow get rid of my sweet binging habit. She immediately corrected me and said that she’ll help me with a nutrition plan and its not dieting. I never knew eating wholesome food for the whole day and not starving, being mindful of the adviced macros and opting healthy lifestyle will lead to steady weight loss, good skin and hair, high energy levels and no more sugar cravings.
Samta di is super compassionate. She patiently heard me out, understood my goals, helped me to tackle my limitations, kept motivating me to make healthy lifestyle choices and has always been there whenever I needed her. Her constant motivation, positivity and the faith she laid on me kept me going.
My perspective towards food has changed and I see myself making conscious choices now. I am proud that I managed to quit sugar with her help (something I couldn’t do for several years). I am super-duper happy with this achievement.
Thank you Samta di. I owe this physical, mental, habitual transformation to you.

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