Big shout out to my friend and client for sticking to the plan and killing the workout!!
Let us Celebrate Your Results
Let us take a moment to look back and see how far you have come. These results, whether in pounds shed or exercises executed, could not have been achieved without your dedication to consistency in your fitness and health…
SO PROUD of you my friend Ira
8 months of eating quantified, sticking to the plan, and doing strength training. 12 kilos down, 11% body fat down and feeling great! And this is only the beginning of your journey! Cheers to doing it the right way! It can be tempting to lose weight by cutting calories and doing crazy amounts of cardio because you do lose weight fast…but it usually is only a quick fix, not sustainable and often backfires in the long run.
Now we have switched to just weight training and focusing on shaping her body while still losing bodyfat.
We have upped the intensity and weight in nearly every session with a progressive overload approach. Keeping form correct she has no fear on pushing boundaries constantly outside her comfort zone.
Here she is doing deadlifts of 55 kg, leg pressing 150 kg x 10 reps easy
So proud of you Ira, keep pushing boundaries

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