(For privacy reasons, she asked me to keep her identity anonymous)
Shared (verbatim)

Things Accomplished:
# Periods Pain : Resolved
# Weight Loss : 13 kgs kgs
#Weight before 79.8kgs
#Now 66.9 kgs
# Inches loss : 19.5 Inches
#Energy Level: Gain multifold

Transformation cannot happen overnight. You have to be patient and need to put in your best efforts. Work HARD but in a SMART way. I believe together we can do it.
As shared (verbatim)

Hi Samta, This comes from my heart. I have been struggling with my weight for years – any diet would take me down 4/5 kgs and no more. Of course, I wasn’t exercising. And then I was recommended hysterectomy and I was desperate to lose at least 5 kgs before I had the surgery as I knew post surgery and menopause I would again put on more. The thought was unbearable. And then I was introduced to you. You magically transformed my wishes into reality and here I am, lost 13 kgs in these 12 weeks. Not sure where did my tummy go. :-))my period pain gone. I am sure my other health parameters also would have improved. I have some more journey to cover & the best part was you telling me you are a friend for life!! And will keep pushing me to get where I want to and then maintain that. You made this 12 week transformation so easy – it really wasn’t tough and very sensible and doable. Here’s wishing you the best in life always – though it sounds like a parting note – it’s actually a beginning note – beginning of a journey.

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