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On Jan 12, 2020 when I checked my weight and took my side and front pics for Samta , I was in tears. In tears because I had neglected taking care of my body. I was upset to have let my body to be negatively affected by my see-saw relationship with eating, workouts and moods. I had tried a few diets but never really stuck with it. I workout fairly regularly but not enough to negate the after effects of eating. While I would see the calories on a pack of food, I never really focused on ingredients and nutrition. All of these old habits had to be erased from Jan 12, 2020 when I started the 12 week transformation journey with nutritionist Samta Mompreneur from Redefining Tastebuds.

It was obviously difficult at first and I failed few times in the process and gave into cravings , but her continuous follow ups and mentoring always brought me on track. In a body transformation journey, the saying that 80% is what you eat and 20% is what you burn, is true. The knowledge I gained about macros, glycemic index and identifying what is good vs avoidable from her has been very helpful in bringing few permanent changes in my kitchen/ pantry and in my everyday diet.

In the beginning she had told me that the transformation is focused on changing and improving lifestyle, and is not meant to be a quick fix. In these 12 weeks, with the loss of 14 pounds and 13.5 total overall body inches, I have started my sustainable journey. Her diet plans gave detailed macro breakdowns and all the ingredients I can consume throughout the day as breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Unlike my notion of diets, I definitely did not feel like I was eating less, but I was eating different.

All in all, a good introduction to sustainable lifestyle change that has helped improve my stamina and energy levels. I haven’t done a bloodwork recently, but once I get it done in future, casually, I am sure to see improvements in cholesterol level and iron!

Thank you

Samta ji

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