My Mid way transformation

Cholesterol from 250 to Normal

Hb A1c- from 6.6 to 6

Better acid reflux

Weight loss- 15 LBS

Lots of energy and less pains

I have always heard- Life is so beautiful but was not enjoyable because of a lot of ailments, pain, and health issues.

I started feeling depressed and upset.

2 months ago; Samta came as a ray of hope in my life; she is an angel who changed my life with her motivation and motivational talks.

It’s only been 2 months; I have started eating more nutritious food, exercising. She guided me to the art of eating quantified nutrition. I do not miss any foods as I am able to enjoy as per my taste buds.

Samta’s continuous motivation and follow ups have helped me in reducing my cholesterol level, Hb A1c levels. acid reflux issues,

I am learning the importance of a healthy gut. She gives so much food to eat that you will never feel deprived. This is a lifestyle and not a fad diet plan.

I can enjoy my chaats, spices within my macros.

I have lost almost 13 lb (5 kg) and loads of inches all over. I have started lifting weights and going to GYM. I understood the difference why strength training is important for us..

I was not able to bend down for a long time because of back pain, but today I was able to work in the garden for 3 hours continuously. I am so thankful to GOD and her guidance.

This is just the beginning. I want to encourage everyone to take care of your health and fitness before it’s too late.

Its a lifestyle and just not a few weeks thing!

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