Ashish Sharma
Starting weight:93
Current weight:86
Age: 43 years
My name is Ashish Sharma. The above pictures are actual, untouched Before and After photos of me. I lost around 7 Kilos, oodles of inches, Fat %, gained muscle mass and loads of confidence and great health. Learnt the science behind Cardio and Strength Training. What is LDL and HDL.
I never knew quantified nutrition could do wonders. I never felt I was or am on a diet. All I felt was how come I kept my body deprived of these wonderful ingredients from so many years- like ghee, eggs, paneer, rice, chicken and what not. Despite of so much traveling she kept me on track and inspired everyday.
If you want to gain health, lose extra fat, gain more muscles and keep it off, Samta may be able to help you. But you have to understand:
This is NOT a diet…Its a lifestyle
Its not one plan fits all kinds of regime
This is NOT about grueling exercise….Its like worship
This is NOT about high-priced gym memberships…its few basic equipment’s
This is NOT about any form of drugs….Its eating proper macros (Protein Carbs Fats)
I am so thankful to my Mentor, my coach- for her wisdom and her broad-reaching knowledge that have acted as a guide to help navigate me through all the confusion in the world of fitness and weight loss. Her own story is very inspiring and alluring that despite of so many odds how she encourages people around and always approachable even we had a time zone difference…
Thank you Coach!!!

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