I am writing this review for Samta Didi. I got introduced to her through a very close friend as I had been trying to lose weight and tone up my body. Didi introduced me to the concept of eating everything but in a quantified manner. I started her nutrition plan in Apr 2019 and within three weeks got the news that I was carrying and couldn’t continue with my plan. Samta didi waited for me to deliver and once my daughter turned 10 months old she started my nutrition plan customized to my requirements as I was breastfeeding. Samta didi is a thorough professional who understood my needs and has helped me imbibe a concept (eating in a quantified manner) which I can maintain throughout my life. She also motivated me to exercise and lift weights ( something I used to shy away from) and I can proudly say I am a much more confident person as I could see results. I still have a long way to go as this is just the beginning for me. Just want to thank Samta didi for being there and guiding me all through the journey.

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