Pickled Vegetables low carb diet

Carrots, Cauliflower, Turnips pickle

With a balanced and nutritious  meal, I love  serving crisp, ...
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Baked lotus roots manchurian

Baked Lotus Roots Manchurian

When I found the cleaned and cut lotus stem in ...
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Low carb Ketogenic Pickles

Instant Carrot, Ginger,Turmeric pickle

Who does not like pickles? I love pickles. But being ...
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Jaggery Sesame Bars

Sesame Jaggery Bars and Savory crispies

My little one  is always asking me for candies and ...
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Gluten Free Vegetable Quinoa bowl

Vegetables Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Quinoa is naturally gluten-free and is one of only a ...
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Oats eggless Pan cake with veggies

Ingredients  40 gm oats ( coarsely grind in blender) 1/2 ...
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Lasoda/Lahsyade/Gunda Himachal Pradesh

Auriyaa Lasoda/Lahsyade/Gunda- Glueberries flavored with mustard paste

Lahsyade is another summer dish loved by people in Himachal ...
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Kala channa khatta choliyaa himachali cuisine

Kaale channa Ka khatta (Choliyaa) – black gram chickpeas sour curry

This gram chickpeas curry called choliyaa or khatta  is one ...
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chacha himachal relish raw mango

Raw Mango relish or chutney- CHHCHHA (Himachal Pardesh)

Who does not  like the tangy, spicy, sweet and sour ...
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Colocasia patrode appetized

Patrode- Colocasia leaf rolls (Himachali appetizer)

Patrode is Himachal Pradesh appetizer made with colocasia leaves. Fresh ...
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khattiBhujjiHimachali Cuisine

Khatti Bhujji- Colocasia Smoky Tangy Dish

This is  tangy, smoke flavored Himachal Pradesh,  ethnic cuisine made ...
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Ketogenic Vegetraian Paneer Munchkins

Ketogenic Paneer and Vegetable Appams or munchkins

If you are a vegetarian and following a Ketogenic diet, ...
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