FitwithRTB (Fitness with Redefining Taste Buds) is a fitness platform that helps you to gain knowledge and assists you with periodic plans to make lasting lifestyle changes through quantified nutrition and workout guidance. This is a valuable resource for fitness enthusiasts and anyone seeking to establish a healthy new lifestyle. This is a tailored made workout and diet plans to suit your taste buds.

Let science guide your transformation journey and fitness goals. This is a science based fitness program where:

  • To lose weight, you have to take lesser calories than your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE)
  • To gain weight you have to take more calories than your TEEE.

I am certified Fitness and Nutrition Consultant. I provide online services with nutrition planning and workouts. This is a 12 weeks transformation program. I go through various details such as your body compositions, overall health, and fitness goals. Based on which I create your diet plan with quantified amount of macros (Protein Carbs and Fats).
Our coaching program includes –

  • Diet & Workout planning and support
  • Periodic tracking. Communication over Phone / Email Support/Whatsapp
  • Your Personal Coach will be available from 10 am – 7 pm EST, Monday to Friday
  • Weekly monitoring and course corrections
  • Also helps with recipe planning