My Journey from ER to Bootcamps

Sometimes we take life’s little but huge blessings for granted and this is with all of us. 10 months back, I use to rush to ER on average once in 3 months. Used to feel choked, swollen, breathlessness most of the times if I eat anything from bakery.
I have severe life threatening egg and honey allergies. Cross contamination, vapors, touching bakery products, inhaling something like a bread, fruits that’s been placed near eggs could leads me to emergency and nearing death experience.
So when I had this allergic reaction 10 months back (6th time in a year), my doctor said if this happens again we won’t be able to save you. The side effect were worse. After the ER and medication it use to take 3-4 weeks for me to recover and with lowest metabolic rates and 10 pounds more weight with every reaction because of high steroid doses to save me. I couldn’t lift my kids, was tough to breast feed my daughter, to eat and swallow to go to restroom. Everything was like a big project.
Doctor said: You can’t eat out, you have to cook your own food, you can’t trust anyone in food. So even on our anniversary, birthday parties, vacation, flight- if we go out I carry my food box with me.
Then God guided me not to get dishearten I determined that I will not give up, I researched, studied a lot a lot. Spend like 5 hours a day on internet and books how allergies can be cured. The time it happened last- my daughter was 10 months son was 5 and half years. I came across a wonderful friend Pratichi through a food group on FB who told me about SQUATS and guided me then I spoke to Rajiv, He told me to write my case and he discussed with Dr-Aniket Jadhavt who came as an angel my fitness mentor and a great doctor. He understood my problem and gave me diet and guidelines. I completely surrendered and put my 100% faith and efforts. I have been following the structured diet and medication he gave me and 6 liters of water everyday.
Following Ketogenic, low carb, carb cycling, intermittent fasting and whatever my doctor says (Its all balanced diet with proper macros calculation with proteins, carbs, fats). At the same time I saw the ad about Bootcamps the most High Intensity workout which was my dream workout. I didn’t give a second thought and joined it in April 2016.
It’s been 10 months I am under structured diet and working out at bootmcamps 4:30 am 5-6 days a week. I also got a chance to meet Trina personally and she conducted a workshop at our house in New Jersey. Everyone here is awesome, guiding me strengthening me and around 50 of my friends and family have enrolled in SQUATS under mentors. many got rid of Insulin shots, thyroid issues and so on.. I can’t express how I feel.
I use to feel tough to carry and hold my kids; Car seats, manage them but now I feel so thankful.
Sometimes we focus so much on weight and body fat % we forget to give thanks that we can eat whatever we want.
18 months haven’t touched sugar, any sweets products, fruits, and gluten. I don’t know how does cake tastes, what are ice creams, muffins, sodas, juices, cheese cakes and so on…
Thanks fully its 10 months I haven’t had Allergies,no hospital, did Two mini marathons, Tough Mudders, blood donation and list goes on…
Thank you Doctor Dr-Aniket Jadhav for helping and strengthening me!!!Jitendra for this awesome vision and mission.
So my takeaway is don’t worry or give up if the weighing scale in not moving. The scale can only give you a numerical reflection of your relationship with gravity. That’s it. It cannot measure beauty, talent, purpose, life force, possibility, strength or love.
No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up!!!

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  1. So awesome to read your story, u r a go getter…kudos to ur strength n ability to change circumstances.god bless u..hope u recover fully n taste a that u HV been missing to eat 🙂

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