Client Transformation – Saurabh Gupta

March 2019 — Today.

Of all the people who have known me long would agree how lazy i was before. I was okay with my body, there was nothing wrong and i never worked out, going to the gym was my biggest nightmare ,i ate junk almost every day, and here I am few months later: 
My mindset, eating habits, and workout schedule are completely different.

I have gone more active and this is my midway transformation. I did reinvent myself, my body and my mind with my mentor & coach SamtaDeepak‘s (@FitwithRtb) transformation program.

Her program is smart, effective and specifically tailored for my goals and my body type (well I was skinny).

The key to fitness success is sticking to your program, trust your coach and be patient. 
I work in technology, sitting all day on a computer is not the coolest thing ever and moreover I live alone, and dint had all the time in the world. I realized i need to work in a smarter way. She helped me in doing that. Trust me I did not starve myself, did not give up on foods i love, i just stuck to the plan and just changed my eating style. My energy level is elevated and i am in a better mood. Ouviously, there are bad days, and you feel you want to give up but having a mentor by your side to constantly motivate you, push to and remind you that this is for good always helps.

I learned that this is a lifestyle change, not 12 weeks change your body, and then forget about it. Fitness is a relationship, you can’t cheat and expect it to work.

Well, I am not sharing this just to show off what i achieved but just to press on how nutrition, eating healthy and being active can benefit you.

Also i am not there yet, but this is a great start and i can’t thank her enough. A big #shootout #fitwithrtb

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