Client Transformation – Anonymous

After so many weeks of talking about me, it is finally time to talk about you. Seldom one sees people so sincere, diligent and have this never say die attitude. Over our journey, I never saw you say No /not possible. It was your complete confidence and faith in the process that resulted in my going from an XL to M, see a weight reading that I haven’t seem on scale since my college days 20 years back. To say that your engagement and involvement that i saw with my young daughter was inspirational. You could talk to her as a friend and confidante more than a coach and it made all the difference for a teenage girl. More than the current results, I think you have set us on a path for life long discipline of food, exercise, health focus and most importantly staying the course with discipline. I am so thankful to you for all your work and wish you the very best. Also, I will be happy to say that you are my number 1 recommendation for people who who have motivational issues, lack of confidence/ discipline. 

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