Client Transformation – Renu Bansal

Renu Bansal ( As shared by client verbatim )
Thank You Samta for helping me through this journey. Though its mid-way transformation but I feel confident, healthy and pain free. Samta not only guided me what to cook, how to plan my meals but encouraged me to be confident and positive throughout this journey. She charted out my plans as per my needs. I learnt its not just the measuring scale that matters but how strong you feel mentally and physically feel. Being a vegetarian and staying in remote place where I didn’t have access to many things she gave me so many other options. I Thank You Samta for guiding me and spreading awareness in the world. God bless you.

Starting weight 67 kg (Jan 2019)
Now 58 kg (March 31 2019)
Before | After
Neck – 14 | 13
Chest – 37 | 32
Waist – 35 | 30
Hips – 41 | 34

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Client Transformation – Saurabh Gupta

March 2019 — Today.

Of all the people who have known me long would agree how lazy i was before. I was okay with my body, there was nothing wrong and i never worked out, going to the gym was my biggest nightmare ,i ate junk almost every day, and here I am few months later: 
My mindset, eating habits, and workout schedule are completely different.

I have gone more active and this is my midway transformation. I did reinvent myself, my body and my mind with my mentor & coach SamtaDeepak‘s (@FitwithRtb) transformation program.

Her program is smart, effective and specifically tailored for my goals and my body type (well I was skinny).

The key to fitness success is sticking to your program, trust your coach and be patient. 
I work in technology, sitting all day on a computer is not the coolest thing ever and moreover I live alone, and dint had all the time in the world. I realized i need to work in a smarter way. She helped me in doing that. Trust me I did not starve myself, did not give up on foods i love, i just stuck to the plan and just changed my eating style. My energy level is elevated and i am in a better mood. Ouviously, there are bad days, and you feel you want to give up but having a mentor by your side to constantly motivate you, push to and remind you that this is for good always helps.

I learned that this is a lifestyle change, not 12 weeks change your body, and then forget about it. Fitness is a relationship, you can’t cheat and expect it to work.

Well, I am not sharing this just to show off what i achieved but just to press on how nutrition, eating healthy and being active can benefit you.

Also i am not there yet, but this is a great start and i can’t thank her enough. A big #shootout #fitwithrtb

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