Client transformation

High blood pressure, pcod problem, thyroid and numerous other problems-
30.8 pounds (14 kilos lighter) )

Nothing in life happens overnight. You got to follow your routine and work really hard to achieve what you desire.Need inspiration to be fit, get ispired by this Incredible Transformation: My friend, an editor/Journalist My ex colleague and a beautiful soul!!!

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I was someone who had lost complete hope in ever loosing weight or being healthy. Even doctors had given up on me citing my high blood pressure, pcod problem, thyroid and numerous other problems as a no winner. To say I was disheartened would be an understatement, I was severely depressive.Samta came into my life in these days of darkness as a ray of hope. With her positivity, patience and deep knowledge and understanding of nutrition and fitness, She turned my life 360 degrees (for the better). She made the impossible—possible with her constant inputs and follow ups. Initially I was quite skeptical that I would never be able to change my body, mindset or for that matter my health for the better. But within days of Samta’s guidance and monitoring I could see RESULTS, last five months have been life changing (literally) I feel like a new person. Don’t have words to express my gratis for what Samta has done for me. Thanks to Samta I have a new lease of life, I have lost 14 Kgs, gained self love and have learned a way of living that has helped me become a better person. Samta is not just someone who guides you in your physical journey but also your spiritual journey. Looking forward to continuing this journey with you Samta, as we have many more milestones to achieve. Thank you once again for being my mentor on this ‘Journey of Change’ Samta, with the right teacher, miracles happen.

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Client Midway Transformation

(For privacy reasons, this client asked me to keep his identity anonymous.

Transformation cannot happen overnight. You have to be patient and need to put in your best efforts. Work HARD but in a SMART way. I believe together we can do it.
As shared (verbatim)

After being over weight for quite sometime now and going through several diet programs, I got to know about Samta from a friend. Samta has been fantastic in ensuring we eat right through constant follow ups and genuine motivation. Have lost close to 10 Kgs in the last 4 months by following various combination of diets like low carb, keto, carb cycling. She keeps the diet simple and allows modifiAction to break monotony. Exercise and portion control are the 2 big aways for me and it also made me realise that results could have been better with more frequent workouts. Thank you Samta and I will continue to bug you since we have just started.

Keep rocking.

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