Client Transformation – Sunita

This transformation is yet another proof that weighing scale is not the only indicator of transformation. While she dropped 14 kilos (30 Pounds), her dress size dropped from XXL to M after she enrolled. This is what quantified nutrition and right exercise can do for you. Client wanted to remain anonymous. Read on..

From the client- I tried many things, starting from green tea to cumin water, crash diet (lost 4 kg in one month, and gained it back in very next month). But all in vain. I did not lose anything except my stamina and faced a lot of nausea. I never expected such great results from this kind of diet where I was told to eat more than I usually do. All my favorite things like Paneer, rice, roti, my masala chai. I never felt if I was on diet.
My only focus was to measure what I ate and it was really a big portion. I had tried everything and anything, which have been told by people to lose that excess weight, which I gained. But a right guidance is way to success. My transformation changed my family and friends perception towards diet and workout. My husband and daughter were a big support and specially my Mentor Samta. She motivated me on daily basis.
I have still long way to go and the final transformation is yet to come

12 weeks
From 84 KG To 70 KG
– Cervical Spondylitis gone
– No Back pain
– No body lethargy
– No dizziness
– Energy level boosted up
– More confidence
– Fat % reduced 9 %
– Oodles of inch loss

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